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Remove Symantec Agent with Group Policy.

I had a project where I have to deploy Sophos on 500 PC’s, however Symantec had to be uninstalled as a first step. There are few ways to uninstall Symantec via SCCM or Group policy configured to push out a scheduled tasks and run a powershell command. I choose group policy as it’s the quickest […]

Reload invalid VM’s with this PowerCLI with ESXI 6.5

Sometimes you might have an issue with storage or Veeam backup with Veeamproxy locking files and preventing VM consolidation from occurring. I had an issue where one of my VeeamProxy VM servers became an invalid state and I wasn’t able to power the server up. Since it crashed it locked the files of VM’s that […]

How do I change office 365 from first release for deferred channel to current channel with office deployment tool?

You can do this using the Office 365 Deployment Tool: Office 2016 Deployment Tool TechNet has detailed instructions for how to use that tool (Overview: Office Deployment Tool), but the basics for this situation are: Extract setup.exe and the configuration.xml file from the Microsoft download. Edit the XML file to reflect the new settings that […]

How should I end my SPF record? ~all? -all? +all?

What does the standard say? SPF records let the world know who is authorized to send email on your behalf. Specifically, it is a technical method to prevent sender address forgery.  It allows the owner of a domain to specify the mail servers they use to send mail.  Get this record right, and you’re in […]

What is UPN and why to use it?

UPN or User Principal Name is a logon method of authentication when you enter the credentials as username@domainname.com instead of Windows authentication method: domainname\username to be used as login. So UPN is BASICALLY a suffix that is added after a username which can be used in place of “Samaccount” name to authenticate a user. So […]

Installation, Storage and Compute With Windows server 2016

This is my personal study notes for the book https://www.amazon.com/70-740-Installation-Storage-Compute-Windows/dp/0735698821 and exam https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-70-740.aspx. This is a supplement book that should be used with other materials to prepare you for the exam. Chapter 1 Key Notes: Install Windows Servers in host and compute environment. Skills in this Chapter: Install, upgradeI, migrate servers and workloads. Install and configure […]


Each switch in the stack is referred to a member of the stack. Members work together as a unified system, appearing administratively as a single switch. A switch stack of 3650/3850s (note you can’t mix these in a stack) can have up to nine stacking-capable switches connected through their stackwise ports. The alternative way of interconnecting […]